Gerhard´s e-bay magazine interview in August 2008

Gerhard Lang, 52, Airsickness Bag Collector

Most people are happy when they don’t have to touch them. But Gerhard Lang from Lauda near Würzburg is delighted about every airsickness bag he gets his fingers on.

With more than 3000 bags he is one of the keenest collectors of airsickness bags in the world. Together with Thorsten Hecht, whom he met during an e-bay auction he created a system to categorise airsickness bags according to material, form and type of closing (

However, Lange strictly denies any doggedness. “When I tell people what I do for a hobby, I get a shake of the head first, then a smile.” He likes that, just like the many funny sayings printed on the bags.

His favourite: “War doch nur ein kleines Luftloch.” *

He himself, but that goes without saying, doesn’t mind air pockets at all. The same goes for most of his acquaintances who bring him back a few airsickness bags after every flight.

 *That was nothing but a little air pocket.